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How much time, energy, and money went into your classic Chevy or GMC Truck restoration? Don’t let all of that go to waste. Protect your investment and your pride with one of these great truck covers from Covercraft. They are well worth the money when it comes to making sure that nothing happens to that expensive paint job and/or to just keep the dust off of your old pickup between car shows and swap meets. When it comes to custom paint jobs on classic vehicles, it would be a lot less expensive to protect them than to repaint or repair them. These covers are designed primarily for indoor storage use and are constructed from a durable polycotton blend. They also have a napped underside finish to make sure that your ride doesn’t get scratched or dinged up before you have a chance to take it for another cruise so, don’t wait any longer. You owe it to yourself to order your truck cover now and make sure that your investment is protected and kept looking as good as new for many more years to come. After all, don’t you want that old truck to still look like new when you hand it down to the next generation?

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