Classic Chevy Hubcap Reference Guide

Are you trying to figure out what wheels and hubcaps came with your Classic Chevy? Here's a handy tool that will:

  • Show image of the original vehicle, either from a Chevrolet brochure or our collection of photos
  • Give a description and image of the exact wheel(s) available for your vehicle, complete with hubcap

To get started, select a vehicle model and year below. You'll see a vehicle image and a table listing all wheel/hubcap images appear just a moment after selecting your classic Chevy.


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Notes About This Wheel/Hubcap Guide:

  1. The information in this guide covers the following years and models: 1955-1957 Tri Five, 1958-1970 Impala, 1964-1972 Chevelle, 1962-1974 Chevy II/Nova, and 1955-1972 Truck.
  2. Some Classic Chevy fans have pointed out that there is a difference between "wheel covers" and "hubcaps." We are aware of this, and we are referring to hubcaps with this tool. We're just trying to use the language that some people use when they're looking for this info.
  3. A Tri Five owner reported the 1955-1957 hubcaps were incorrect; however, these images were pulled directly from original Chevrolet catalogs.
  4. A Chevelle enthusiast reported there was no specific SS hubcap for the 1966 Chevelle; however, we consulted original Chevrolet brochures to find these images. The same enthusiast reported multiple wheel cover options, but we are referring only to hubcaps in this guide.

Finally, it's important to point out that we're trying to provide data about original GM options, and that is a difficult task. As with other GM data, it's possible that the original brochures we used to pull this data together were not correct. Please know that we did our very best to consult original sources when assembling this guide.

If you believe there's a discrepancy, feel free to contact Spork Marketing. They developed this guide and can research issues for us. Thank you!