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United Pacific

Known as the leader in innovation, United Pacific is dedicated to be the first to bring new and exciting products to the market. United Pacific global expertise allows us to search the globe for new ideas and concepts. Not only do we search the globe for new products, United Pacific invests a significant amount of resources into our own research and development efforts. With the assistance of advance 3D scanning technology, our engineers and designers can acquire accurate and precise data in seconds. The 3D data allows United Pacific to verify designs, perform quality assurance tests, and reverse engineer with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Digital inspection contributes to the early detection of shape problems, provides rapid feedback on design, and eliminates unnecessary work in downstream processes. Our rapid prototyping facility permits us to have a concept-to-shelf time of less than 5 months. In addition, United Pacific’s 3D printing capabilities permit our designers to have physical models of their design concepts in hours. The physical models allow our designers and marketing staff to evaluate and test the viability of different design ideas. Our rapid prototyping facility allows United Pacific to compress design cycles, improve manufacturing planning, shorten concept-to-shelf time, most importantly, generate new and innovative products. Don't hesitate to call us at 479-787-5575 or submit an inquiry with any question that you might have, technical or otherwise. We're not only here to help, we're classic car and truck enthusiasts too!