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Classic Instruments is a company built with a foundation of quality, service, and value -- these have been their primary objectives for more than three decades. Because of their commitment to making the best products, Classic Instruments has an earned reputation as being a leader in the field of automotive gauges.

These popular products can be seen in show cars and race cars alike -- Classic Instruments gauges offer both utility and style to drivers of all kinds.

The Classic Instruments products that we offer include Gauge Kits for:

• 59-60 Impala 

• 70-72 Chevelle SS 

• 55-57 Passenger Car 

• 63-65 Nova 

• 55-59 Trucks and 67-72 Trucks

Though the use of computers accounts for the majority of the design work, Classic Instruments still ensures unmatched quality done under the close watch of the expert eye. Each gauge is individually crafted to the strictest of specifications and the highest of standards so every customer will proudly display them inside their car.

Classic Instruments assembles every gauge by hand picked parts in their Boyne City, Michigan factory. The company also holds high value in the "Made in the USA" moniker and is always mindful of their reputation as an American manufacturer of automotive products.

Innovation is key when discussing product lines made by Classic Instruments -- they are the first and only maker to integrate all-electrical instrumentation with micro-chip technology. This combination makes for the most accurate gauges available in vintage style at any price point.

Shop Classic Instruments parts knowing their unique designs, innovative concepts, quality products, and trend setting lines have put them in the front of the pack in the industry for over 2-1/2 decades and counting.