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Is there anything more important for the protection of a vehicles engine than oil? It’s kind of like the life blood of your motor. It pumps through the veins of your engine keeping everything lubricated and cool so that everything continues to run smoothly. Everyone knows that without it your engine won’t run for long before it completely seizes up. You need the right parts to make sure that that critical fluid remains contained as well as viscous enough to do its job. If your classic Camaro restoration project is missing or needing replacement oil system parts then you have found the right place. Let us help you make sure that your classic ride continues to run like it did when it was original. We offer oil system parts for Camaros ranging in years from 1967 to 1981. Whether it be an oil cap, an oil pressure sending unit, or an oil pressure switch, we have it right here. Don’t hesitate to call us at 479-787-5575 today with any questions regarding your classic Camaro. We’re not just here to take your order but to make sure that you get the right part for your ride the first time as well as to answer any technical questions that you might have.

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