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A lot of people probably never knew that Chevy put out a Luxury Touring model Camaro, but you obviously do! With the emphasis being on driver comfort by adding high-back full-foam molded bucket seats, soft carpeting, extra sound deadening, and woodgrain accents, your old Camaro is set apart from most of the others that are on the road today. The one thing that it might be missing is the sail panel emblem that announces what trim package it has, like no one would be able to tell when they got in. You'll be glad to know that these sail panel emblems are as high a quality as your Classic Chevy Camaro. Not only that but they also come with all of the mounting hardware needed to install them. Got a question or two about these emblems, or any of our other parts? Give us a call at (479) 787-5575 or submit an inquiry. We would be happy to help however we can!

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Description: 1974-1975 Camaro Type LT Requires 2 per car
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