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When you mash the gas on your Classic Chevy Camaro, do you get that awesome roar of the engine or does it not do anything at all? A broken throttle cable could be the culprit. Over years of use a throttle cable can take some abuse and eventually start to wear. At some point it is going to break and hopefully it won't happen while you're out on the road. While you're replacing the throttle cable you might as well replace the throttle cable bracket as well. These Lokar throttle cable and kick down cable bracket sets are perfect parts to make the installation easier. Questions about these brackets or any of our parts? Call us at (479) 787-5575 or submit an inquiry today! We're happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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Description: 1969-79 Chevy Truck with Turbo 350 1969-79 GMC Truck with Turbo 350 1969-70 Impala with Turbo 350 1969-72 Chevelle with Turbo 350 1969-74 Nova with Turbo 350 1969-79 Camaro with Turbo 350
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