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Custom Autosound Sale

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Custom Autosound Manufacturing, Inc. was founded almost 50 years ago in the garage of Carl Sprague in Fullerton, California. The goal was to fill the need for modern car stereos that would fit into the original opening of his and other classic Corvettes. Most radios at the time were AM only, lacked cassette players, and didn't have the ability to tune in to FM stations. After using his 63 Corvette as a prototype, Carl eventually expanded his concept into other vehicle applications. He also applied this ingenuity to add a speaker assembly that housed two dash speakers for a stereo effect as most vehicles from the 1940's and later were only equipped with a single front speaker. Since then Custom Autosound has kept up with market changes and customer needs by developing several radios that would play CD's, have USB inputs, and Bluetooth capabilities all with the original look and still fitting into the original radio opening of the vehicle. Custom Autosounds history speaks volumes when considering reliability, quality, and function while keeping the stock look of your classic vehicle. And with over 400 different radio applications for year, make, and model you're sure to find a ready to install kit for your ride. Everything that you need comes in one box and there is no assembly required. Not only does Custom Autosound offer custom radios they offer numerous upgrade/custom fit speakers and kick panel speakers. Custom Autosound compliments their radio and speaker products with several accessories as well.

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