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The Chevrolet Impala is a classic Chevy that is immensely popular among car enthusiasts. With its classic lines and multiple engine options, it makes for a great car to customize or restore, and with the restoration, you want to update the suspension rubber bumpers. You will find all the suspension rubber bumpers you need below.

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Description: 1958-1963 Impala or Bel-Air or Del-Ray or Biscayne
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Description: 1958-1970 Impala or Caprice or Bel-Air or Del-Ray or Biscayne 1964-1972 Chevelle or Malibu or El Camino 1968-1974 Nova or Chevy II 1967-1969 Camaro
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More About Rubber Suspension Bumpers

The rubber bumpers for the suspension keep parts safe while traveling across rough terrain. Your suspension moves with the road surface in order to provide you with a smoother ride, and the metal parts should never grind together. The addition of rubber bumpers keeps these metal parts from rubbing and prevents unnecessary wear and tear. The rubber bumpers can also wear out as they age. Rubber can be affected by water and heat, so when you are replacing or updating the suspension in your classic Impala, you need to make sure you replace worn rubber parts. The parts you use must fit your vehicle, or they will not do the job they were intended to do. Incorrectly fitting rubber will come loose, which can cause it to tear because it does not sit solidly in place. H&H Classic carries reproduction parts like the rubber bumpers that are designed for your classic Impala, so you know they will fit as they should. Whether you need the upper A-arm bumper or the rear axle to frame bumpers, you will find your rubber bumper here.