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The Chevelle was the most popular Chevy model ever introduced to the public, and these muscle cars were available in both coupe and sedan models, which made them also family cars. If you are one of the many people who are restoring a classic Chevy like the Chevelle, you want to use parts that are designed to fit. You will find all the parts you need to add your license plates to the front and the back bumpers here.

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The Chevelle bumpers and grilles were large and attractive, so the license plate was never a deterrent from the looks of the car. While some states allow for only a rear plate, the front plate can be a designer plate or any other type of statement that you may want to make about your car. In order to hold the plates on, you need brackets and plate holders. You will find all the brackets and frames you need for your Chevelle here. Since the law requires you to light the plate up, you will also find all the lighting parts you need to illuminate the plate. H&H Classic only carries parts that are designed to fit the classic Chevy, so your tag brackets and frames will fit exactly as they are supposed to fit. Whether you need just the rear bracket, or you have decided to use the front plate to make a statement, you will find all the parts you need to make your restored Chevy Chevelle compliant to the plate law.