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The engine brackets are designed to help keep your engine in place under the hood of your Nova. Without brackets to help hold it in, you run the risk of having it shift or slide due to vibration or use. If it does slip, your hoses can become disconnected or belts can lose their tension. This can lead to leaks or loss of power should something like the serpentine belt stop moving. A stressed radiator hose can tear and cause the car to overheat. Engine brackets keep everything in its place. Brackets can become stressed or damaged by age, and that can put your Nova engine at risk. Replace any worn out or rusted Nova engine brackets immediately. H&H Classic Parts has replacement engine brackets for your Nova.

H&H Classic has been supplying classic Chevy parts and accessories since the late 1980s when the Smith family opened their parts shop. They’ve been in the automotive industry since the early 1970s and continue to provide the best parts and prices with the fastest shipping to classic Chevy owners. Order your Nova engine brackets today.

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