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American Autowire is a premier automotive electrical manufacturer of OEM, restoration, and performance parts for stock, modified, and customized rides. Co-founded by Michael Manning and Frank Colonna in 1983, this company had humble beginnings as a basement business in Laurel Springs, New Jersey.

Fast forward thirty years and the modern operation is based in a manufacturing facility in Bellmawr, New Jersey. The founders are still working away with the assistance of a sizable workforce and a more resourceful operation.

Hailed by buyers as being "extremely well-made", "the best quality product", and "truly painless" when customers offered feedback about their products -- American Autowire puts a lot of consideration into the parts they make. These products are made by car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts.

Some of the American Autowire products that we carry include Classic Update and Highway Series wiring harnesses as well as:

• Alternator Conversion Harnesses for - 64-72 Chevelle55-57 Passenger Cars62-72 Nova, and 60-72 Trucks

• Backup Light Harnesses for - 55-57 Passenger Cars62-68 Nova, and 62-66 Trucks

• Clock Harnesses for - 64 and 68-72 Nova

• Console Harnesses for - 62-69 Impala64-72 Chevelle, and 63-74 Nova

• Convertible Top Harnesses for - 64-72 Chevelle

• Cowl Induction Harnesses for - 70-72 Chevelle

• Dash Cluster Harnesses for - 63-65 Impala, and 60-66 Trucks

• Dome Light Harnesses for - 58-67 Impala64-72 Chevelle62-74 Nova, and 60-72 Trucks

• Engine Harnesses for - 58-70 Impala64-72 Chevelle62-74 Nova, and 60-72 Trucks

• Front Light Harnesses for - 58-70 Impala64-72 Chevelle62-74 Nova, and 55-72 Trucks

• Fuel Tank Sender Harnesses for - 67-72 Chevelle73-74 Nova, and 64-72 Trucks

• Headlight / Alternator / Generator Harnesses for - 55-57 Passenger Cars

• Heater / AC Harnesses for - 62-72 Trucks

• Overdrive Harnesses for - 55-57 Passenger Cars

• Parklight / Grille Bar Harnesses for - 55-57 Passenger Cars

• Rear Body Harnesses for - 64-72 Chevelle62-74 Nova, and 60-72 Trucks

• Starter / Ignition Harnesses for - 55-57 Passenger Cars

• Tachometer Harnesses for - 61-66 Impala, 64-67 Chevelle, 62-66 Nova, and 61-72 Trucks

• Taillight Harnesses for - 58-70 Impala and 55-57 Passenger Cars

• Transmission Harnesses for - 64-72 Chevelle

• Under Dash Harnesses for - 58-70 Impala, 64-72 Chevelle, 55-57 Passenger Cars, and 62-74 Nova, and 60-72 Trucks

• Windshield Wiper Harnesses for - 64-66 Chevelle and 64-66 Trucks

All products made by American Autowire are American-made right there in their facility where work is overseen by the founders and visionaries of the company.

Current offerings from American Autowire include 5 different specialty product lines of wiring harnesses, various accessories, and select parts needed in all different types of automotive projects. Customers can even find tools and resources for projects like assembly manuals from the factory or crimp tools.

In the Factory Fit product line, shoppers will discover over 9,000 American Autowire products complete with original specification wiring harnesses, switches, battery cables, and spark plug wires. The Classic Update Series features completely modified restoration kits -- while their Power Plus, Builder, and Highway series lines offer integrate fuse panels, and modular fuse panels for street rod wiring.

The bottom line about American Autowire products is that they make wiring easier for the at-home and professional mechanics of all skill level and backgrounds. This mission by American Autowire is what makes them a preferred choice amongst our customers at H&H Classic Parts when given the option of buying from competitors.