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    H&H Classic Parts is your source for classic Chevy parts for Tri Fives, Chevy II/Novas, Impalas, Chevelles, Camaros, and trucks. We offer the best selection at the best prices with the best service.

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  • Tom Gallagher Thanks for the great service!!
  • So Helpful And Kind

    Friends of ours, Jack and Janine, were on their way from Carrolltown, Pennsylvania to our Back to the 50’s and his windshield wiper arm broke. Jack called before he got here and asked us to see if we could find a wiper arm so he could repair it. They were going to head for Alaska from Back to the 50’s, so the wiper arm had to be fixed. We grabbed Ted Jacobson, MSRA’s vendor guru as he drove by in his cart and he said a new vendor H&H Classic Parts could probably help us. We stopped by H&H and Tray Smith and Herman Smith, said they’d be glad to help Jack. Jack was Impressed with the fact that H&H had exactly what he needed and with the service and the price.

    Jerry & Sandy Felde
  • Thanks for The Great Service The carpet kit fit my 1965 Chevy pickup perfect with no issues. The USA Radio also fit great and sounds good. The delivery time was excellent. Thanks for the great service.

    Rick K. - July 14th, 2016 via ShopperApproved
  • Love 'em!!

    Best company to do business with. Lov 'em!!

    Sandra Jameson
  • Hardest Working And Most Knowledgeable

    You won't find people who will work harder to please you than H&H or have the knowledge you are looking for!

    Kimberly Black Smith
  • Great Site Love this site!! Third time in two weeks I have gotten parts I need.

    Harold H. - July 26, 2016 via ShopperApproved
  • Great People

    These are some great people to do business with for your Chevy parts.

    Don Hart's Restoration Products & Services
  • Awesome Service

    This place is the best for chevy parts. I get everything here! They have great customer service and great knowledge of all their products.

    Michael Jordan
  • Al Devore I would like to thank you and all the folks at H&H. It has been nearly two and a half years in the process and your insights and delivery to many swap meets made the process better. I look forward to working with your team on my next build.