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Chevrolet’s Impala is a classic car that’s been on the market for years. The first modelrolled out in 1958, and it’s still manufactured today. The dash on your vintage Impala offers you immediate information regarding the state of your motor and fluids, along with other pertinent information like speed and RPMs. It can be dressed up to make your classic Chevy a showstopper.

Dash parts can age over time, fade from the sun and become cracked or damaged. If you’re planning to show your classic Impala or just want to show it off to a few friends, you’ll want to add classic Impala parts like bezels and trim pieces, gauges and reproduction accessories like tissue dispensers.

H&H Classic carries all the restoration Impala parts you need to get your car in showroom condition. H&H Classic has been manufacturing and selling vintage Impala parts since the 1980s. They have a large selection and low prices, and they offer fast shipping and easy returns.

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