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Sheet metal body parts are vital to proper restoration. They allow you to replace rusted out Chevelle parts. As time takes its toll on the body of your Chevelle, the only true way to set back the clock is by replacing the damage. No matter how your sheet metal parts ended up damaged or rusted, fillers and paint won't make it go away. Whether you are restoring or customizing one of these classic muscle cars, you want any replacement sheet metal body panels to be an exact fit to the original. You will find all the sheet metal body panels you need here.

At H & H Classic Parts, we have a massive selection of Chevelle body panels and sheet metal parts. You can also find additional Chevelle parts here and a selection of El Camino body parts like this bed sheet metal. Get your sheet metal body parts now!

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More About Sheet Metal Body Panels

Restoring or customizing that classic Chevy means that you may need to remove, repair or replace sheet metal that has been damaged by age and the elements. When replacing body parts, you want parts that are made to fit without the need to cut them to size. Improperly fitting parts will not line up well, and they will be hard to seal tight in order to protect the interior of the part from water damage. If the trunk lid does not fit, the seal will not fit, and you will have water in your trunk. The addition of properly fitting parts makes finishing that much easier, and they will look good with the rest of the car because there will be not discernible break in your paint. When you need reproduction parts that are the right fit, H&H Classic carries the best reproduction parts on the market. When you are ready to add door panels, El Camino bed metal, fender patch panels, firewall parts, floor pans or even the entire body assembly, then you will find all the sheet metal body parts to fit your Chevelle here.