To Replace The Gas Tank Or To Restore The Gas Tank?

     This is another question we get asked a lot.  Which is better or which is cheaper?  Well I look at it as which is better for the car or truck.  As far as the cars and trucks we deal with, you can get a fuel tank for just about anything, not everything, but most that we deal in.  So in that case it is cheaper to buy a new tank and sending unit and, BAM, you are ready to go.  If you don’t want to take this route, then there are several companies out there that offer products, such as POR-15, that make a DIY kit to clean out and reseal your tank.  Also there is a company called Gas Tank Renew that will take your tank, clean it out, and reseal the inside.  They are both good options but again it would be cheaper to replace the tank with a new one if you do have access to it.

     Now another issue that people have come to us with is that they replace the tank and then they still have problems with stuff getting into the carb.  Well the mistake they make is they don’t clean out the fuel lines themselves.  Make sure you undo both ends and used a blow gun and some high pressure air and get those cleaned out before you start trying to run gas through them.  This will save you a major headache.

     Hope this helps some of you out there with possible gas tank issues.  Next month look for another Tech video on Gas tank sending unit diagnoses.