Are Cold-Case Radiators Any Good? See What The Reviews Say

Looking for a new radiator for your classic Chevy? You might have heard about the Cold-Case brand. It's a popular brand that builds high-quality aluminum radiators using OEM specs and OE-style stamped and polished tanks.

Cold Case radiator

If you're wondering if a Cold-Case radiator would be a good fit for your classic Chevy, read on to see what some of your fellow car owners have to say about Cold-Case radiators.

"No Modifications Needed"

Cold-Case radiators are built to fit directly on your car without the need for any modifications. Instagram user badazzclassicsnmore was pleasantly surprised to see how easy their Cold-Case radiator was to install. "My 1972 LeMans was running warmer than I was comfortable with," they wrote. "The quality, finish, and perfect fit [of my Cold-Case radiator] made it a simple upgrade for an amateur. No modifications needed!"
Plenty of other car owners were pleasantly surprised, as well. user frank1911 wrote, "[My Cold-Case radiator] went in fairly fast, as I didn't have to alter or change anything to make it fit."

"My Overheating Issues are Gone For Good"

Cold-Case came to the rescue for many people with car overheating issues. A Facebook user named Nicholas MacFarland installed a Cold-Case radiator in his 1966 Chevelle that kept overheating, and he was pleased to see that his overheating issues are gone for good. "I honestly would have paid double for this radiator," he wrote on Facebook. "I highly recommend this [brand]."

"Never Goes Over 180 Degrees"

A car owner named Michael couldn't be happier with his Cold-Case radiator. "This radiator was truly an exact fit install," he wrote. "Before I installed this radiator, on a cool day my car [...] ran at 190 degrees, and on a warm day [it] ran at 225 degrees. Now I can sit at idle in 90 degree temps and the car never goes over 180 degrees. That's one less thing to worry about!"

"Very Well Made"

A GTO owner named Charles wrote that his Cold-Case radiator and electric fan kit was a "top notch, very well made and good looking" piece of equipment. He went on to note that his car's coolant temperature dropped around 15 degrees after he installed his radiator.

"I Couldn't Ask For Anything More" user frank1911 ordered a Cold-Case radiator for his 1968 El Camino, and he did a great write-up on it here. Here are a couple of excerpts:
  • "[The radiator] was neatly boxed & covered in thick plastic, which was shrouded with about 2 inches of styrofoam. A careful once over confirmed the welds were clean and solid and radiator tanks were nicely polished."
  • "It was obvious to me the Cold-Case radiator let my thermostat do all the talking. Not only did it keep my temperature down during hotter conditions, but as soon as there was a little bit of air flowing (through the intercooler and then receiving secondhand air) my temperature dropped drastically. I couldn't ask for anything more. "

Summing Up

It's pretty evident that Cold-Case is a reliable brand, and they make high-quality radiators that will serve you well for a long time.

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