Vintage Air SureFit Pros and Cons

Got a broken A/C unit or simply want to upgrade the A/C unit in your classic Chevy? No matter how old your car is, you have a few great options, including Vintage Air SureFit.

Let's go over the options and the pros and cons of installing a Vintage Air SureFit kit in your car.

A/C Replacement Options

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When you have a worn out or just old A/C system in your classic Chevy, you could take it apart, inspect the parts, possibly run some tests to identify bad parts, and then replace the bad parts. However, it's such a painful and time-consuming task, and there's still no guarantee that you'll find the parts you need. Heck, there's even no guarantee that the A/C unit will be fully functional once you're done replacing the parts.

You could visit a junkyard or go online for original parts, but chances are high that these parts are no longer in good shape. You could order brand new reproduction parts (we sell some on our website, actually), but just replacing the whole A/C unit with a brand new one is so much easier if you're not sure what's wrong with your A/C unit. That way, you know that the entire A/C system is in good working order and will be for a long time.

That's where Vintage Air SureFit kits come in.

What are Vintage Air SureFit Kits?

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Rather than rummage through junkyards for a fully functioning OEM direct fit replacement for your classic Chevy's A/C system (which is, quite frankly, an impossible feat), you can treat your car to a Vintage Air SureFit kit.

A Vintage Air SureFit kit is a complete kit that contains all the parts you would need to fully replace your classic Chevy's A/C system. A Vintage Air SureFit kit contains the following parts:

  • Blower
  • Coil
  • Wiring harness
  • Condenser
  • Compressor (some)
  • Standard drier
  • Pre-formed aluminum lines
  • Mounting brackets
  • Hardware
  • Louvers
  • Duct hose
  • Installation instructions

Vintage Air designed its SureFit kits to be bolt-in direct replacements of the A/C system in your classic Chevy model. That means installation is easy and you can use your factory controls to manage the climate control system in your car.

Pros and Cons of Having a Vintage Air SureFit Unit in Your Chevy

Vintage Air designs its SureFit units to offer a lot of benefits, including:

  • Modern technology: Vintage Air SureFit kits don't use bulky control cables or sticking vacuum doors. All of our HVAC units use electronically controlled servo motors to manage air flow. Even though a SureFit kit is a direct replacement, it's still a massive upgrade from the original unit. By eliminating the well aged factory equipment, your Chevy's appearance under the hood is greatly improved. Also, with modern technology built into the system (such as an R-12 or environmentally friendly HFC 134a refrigerant), a SureFit kit lasts a lot longer than an original unit does.
  • Precise fitment: Vintage Air SureFit kits aren't universal. Rather, they're designed for specific vehicles. If you get a SureFit kit that's made specifically for your classic Chevy model, it's going to fit into your car perfectly. Your SureFit system will attach to the existing holes in your car's dash and firewall. It also utilizes most of the factory sheet metal and body features. This makes installation a cinch.

Best of all, a Vintage Air SureFit kit is affordable. A SureFit kit is about the same price as an original compressor/evaporator replacement on most cars.

The only con to treating your classic Chevy to a Vintage Air SureFit kit is cost, as it's more expensive than replacing a few components in your A/C system. However, it's worth every penny considering the benefits this system offers.

Get your Vintage Air SureFit kit today!