Our 5 Favorite Nova Burnout Videos

There are few things more memorizing than a cement-melting, rubber-killing Nova burnout! Here are our favorite Chevy Nova videos.

Slow-Mo-Va Burnout

This video is somewhat of a compilation of the same Nova in the same location doing sick burnouts — the video even shows the burnouts in slow motion. Watch these tires get roasted over and over again. The soundtrack is a bonus if you like hip hop - if not, you may want to mute your speakers first.

1971 Nova SS Burnout

What else is one to do while leaving a photoshoot except a majorly insane burnout? After this Nova got its closeup, it quickly went from show car to street beast with a massive, tire roasting burnout. Watch this heavily modified cover car create some clouds.

Big City Burnout

Right through the Big Apple, this Nova driver waits for no track! This is probably one of the biggest burnouts done in the middle of a city caught on video. We’re not really sure of the context of this one, but we hope it was staged — still very cool to watch a Nova own the streets of NYC.

Twin Turbo Nova Burnout

With that kind of power, getting the wheels moving is no problem. This twin turbocharged Nova roasts the tires for nearly two minutes — pretty much until there’s no way he could even see anymore!

“Stock” 1972 Nova Burnout

There’s no way this is a stock car, but if the uploader insists, we’ll let him have it! Listen to the engine growl through a quick, but extremely smoky, drive by burnout!

If you’re feeling inspired by any of these videos, please make sure to keep your chaos under control and only burnout where allowed and do so safely!