The Craziest Vintage Chevy Truck Commercials

Most vintage ads had a dash of strange as the world of advertising was trying to figure out what landed with consumers — and sometimes things got weird. That’s especially true for these crazy and bizarre ads from the era of the classic Chevy truck.

Chevy Cheyenne Hauls 187 Tons of Log Trailers

This ad is a little puzzling. It opens showing a Chevy Cheyenne driving along, until we get to a truck that’s hooked up with several loads of logs on different trailers. It’s a little cringeworthy that the bed of the truck is crushed, and it’s a safe bet to say the frame is probably bent pretty badly. Did that stop Chevy? Nope! They decided to move forward filming with this truck instead of using a new truck and trying with a little less weight, or reconfiguring the towing setup. Then we get to see this truck struggle to move on a flat surface, proving pretty much nothing.

1972 Chevy Pickup Pulls a 747 Plane

At least this one didn’t result in destroying the truck bed, but it is worth noting that the trim on the passenger side door noticeably doesn’t line up, and the truck seems to be bowed at the bed. Perhaps they used the same truck from the log haulers ad after straightening out the body.

Roy Rodgers Plugs 1959 Chevy Trucks

In one of the most scattered ads in history, this commercial is somewhat about Roy Rodgers plugging the Chevy truck…but it also seems to be some weird plug for trap shooting and doing chores.

1986 Vintage Chevy Commercial Confuses with Soundtrack

This commercial almost got off being somewhat normal, until you realize it’s soundtracked with an instrumental version of Lean On Me. That song seemed to appear in many different Chevy truck commercials, but it didn’t really make a ton of sense in any of them. It also misses a ton of points and goes right for the cost of the Ford truck versus the Chevy, which is certainly not even the best part about Chevy trucks.

Chevy Trucks are Shot Put Ready

What better way to inspire people to buy trucks than to throw random things at them? If that does it for you, you’ll be happy to know that a steel shot put will most definitely dent the inside of your truck bed but miraculously not the outside. So for all of those who need a truck to throw steel balls at, the classic Chevy is the truck for you!

We poke fun at the vintage Chevy truck commercials, but we appreciate their place in Chevy heritage. These commercials were striving to be different, creative, and land with the truck driver. While some are borderline questionable, they’re all definitely interesting!