Low and Slow: Slammed Impalas That Own The Road

Classic Chevy Impalas are slick cars. They are the king of style meets performance. Check out these low and slow slammed Impalas to get you through the day.

Slammed Impala 1

This slammed ’65 Impala is completely drool-worthy. It’s a custom titanium gray color with custom wheels.

Slammed Impala 2

Lowered with aftermarket wheels, this ’61 Impala is a dream.

Slammed Impala 3

Slammed in style, this ’62 is a real head turner.

Slammed Impala 4

This ’68 Impala has a big set of wheels and sits close to the earth.

Slammed Impala 5

Hugging the ground, this ’68 Impala is a nice cruiser.

Slammed Impala 6

Rocking Chip Foose wheels, this slammed ’64 Impala is dripping with style.

Slammed Impala 7

This custom low rider would be a welcomed addition to our garage for sure!

Slammed Impala 8

Rocking red the way only classic cars can, this Impala is slammed and styling.

Slammed Impala 9

This bagged Impala is a one sweet classic.

Slammed Impala 10

This 1964 Impala sits on an air ride suspension and rocks its shiny coat of paint.

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