From The Desk of Tray Smith- May

School is out- This is kind of a funny phrase- “School is out”. Yes, in the next couple of weeks all throughout America, children will be done with the school year and start their summer vacation. No more teachers, no more books. Well for us car guys, this doesn’t apply. There is always something new for us to learn and you are never too old to learn something. I was reminded of this last night by one of my two-year old triplets, yes I said triplets, as I was trying to make some dinner for them and was having trouble getting the blender to do what I wanted, when Charlotte walked up with a bowl and spoon and was pretending to mix something. I thought to myself, why am I over complicating this, just use a spoon and be done with it. Well, that’s how it is in the car business sometimes, we get new fancy tools and new technology and we tend to over complicate it. Sometimes it’s just easier to use a wrench instead of our cordless impact drive with new swivel socket. Keep this in mind when you are working or planning on building a project car or truck. Sometimes you just need to keep it simple and not jam every new gadget that’s out there on the market. Take your time and plan it out and stay with the theme that you come up with. Well that’s all this month from the desk of Tray Smith.