From the Desk of Tray Smith - June

A couple of months ago I wrote an article informing everyone about the RPM act of 2016 and EPA trying to outlaw converting street cars into race only cars. Well last month I had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC to meet with my local Congressman and both of our state Senators from Arkansas and see if I could get them to sign on as co-sponsors of the important piece of legislation.

This opportunity was given to me by the SEMA, every two years SEMA holds what they call the Washington Rally. If you are a SEMA member and will come they will get you an appointment with your Congressman or Senator or at least a member of their staff. I had the great opportunity to meet with Congressman Steve Womack from Rogers, Arkansas and with Senator John Boozman also of Rogers. Both of them were very receptive to the RPM act and to the aftermarket automotive world in general. I am happy to say that both of them have signed on to the RPM act as co-sponsors. I was not able to meet with the Senator Tom Cotton. I did meet with a staff member and unfortunately he has not signed on. I will keep working.

Now I was not the only person there. There were over 60 people that took time away from their businesses to come and do the same thing. Together we are a group were able to get 17 new co-sponsors signed on to the important bill. I hope that you will take the time to contact your Congressman or Senator and ask them to join the fight for our rights. Here's where you can go and sign up and SEMA will send a letter on your behalf asking for their support.