7 Two Door Wagons That'll Make You Green With Envy

Maybe the whole "station wagon" thing didn't take to the United States like we'd hoped. Neither did the metric system. However, it's ok to admit you're wrong. And if you don't think these 2-door wagons are cool...well, you're wrong.


Red White Wagon

What's red, white, and cool all over? This '57 Chevy, of course!


Red red wagon

A lot of kids grow up playing with red wagons. As an adult, you can still keep the dream alive! However, this wagon has two doors and an engine instead of a handle and squeaky wheels.


Yellow wagon

If a DeLorean is headed east on the highway going 88 mph and this 2-door wagon is headed west going 55 mph, which one should you be driving? Trick question. The DeLorean has already traveled back in time to 1985, and you should have been in the Yellow Wagon all along.


Teal Wagon

A brand-new 1955 Chevy 210 Wagon with a V8 like this one cost $2,176. Adjusted for inflation, that's $19,539 today.


Orange Nomad

Sunsets are orange, and so is this 1955 2-door Nomad. We believe the best course of action would be to get behind the wheel and drive toward that sunset as (lawfully) fast as possible.


Blk wagon

If there was a need for a Batmobile in 1959, this blacked-out 2-door wagon would be it.


Pearl nomad

This dust-pearl 2-door 1957 Nomad sold for $80,300, or $40,150 for each door it came with. Totally worth it.

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