11 Nostalgia Inducing Impala Ads

WARNING: This post is extremely sensitive and may invoke feelings of nostalgia due to classic Americana automobile imagery, specifically the Impala. Side effects include: smiles, heavy sighs, and the purchase of classic Chevy Impalas. Read at your own risk.


Chevy new ad

Nothing's new like Chevy's new! Though they have no scientific evidence to back this up, we're choosing to believe them.


67 impala ad

Although the 1967 Impala couldn't fly, it backs up the ad's bold claims for the most part.


They say the 1972 Impala was "the most car for the money." What do you think?


63 impala

Doesn't that Impala SS badge look classy?


75 impala

$521 in 1975 is equivalent to $2,332 today - significant savings in both decades!


58 impala

We're seriously impressed by the modern art sculpture in the background. Are you sure this is from 1958?


American value

According to this ad, "Chevrolet Impala" is not just a car but also a very powerful opening paragraph.


We wonder why the glass garage never caught on...


66 impala

The lack of Bluetooth connectivity in the 1966 Impala is a little concerning, but we could manage.


Cleaner impala

This 1975 Impala ad reads less like an advertisement and more like an impressive resume.


See usa impala

What better way to see the USA than in a classic Impala?

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