11 Classic Chevys Worthy of a Country Song

There are, quite literally, hundreds of Chevy references in country songs. They're so ingrained in a lyricist's psyche that it's almost required to mention them by the second verse of a radio ballad.

We're not here to talk about the songs, though. Let's go behind the scenes and check out the classic Chevys that might've inspired a note or two:


Country song 66 Chevy

Chevy's C/K Series was produced from 1969 to 1998, and trucks like this 1966 model probably inspired a line or two in a country song.


Country song rusty Chevy

The rust just means it's broken in, and ready for a lyricist to spin a tale of its adventures.


Country song broke Chevy

Imagine the stories this 1946 Chevy could tell!


Country song low Chevy

Garth Brooks has friends in low places, and one of them is probably in the cab of this truck.


Country song 67 vette

Alan Jackson once said it's alright to be little bitty, and this '67 Corvette is just that.


Country song 56 Belair

If Jesus took the wheel of this 1956 Bel Air, he probably wouldn't give it back. You've been warned.


Country song country chevy

A country boy can survive, provided he has a capable truck to get him around.


Country song suburban

Question: If you drive to the river bank on a Friday night but don't get there in a Chevy, did you even go?


Country song breaky Chevy

Because Billy Ray Cyrus liked Corvettes, he never had to deal with an Achy Breaky Car.


Country song impala

With an Impala like this, Johnny Cash would be more concerned about driving the line instead of walking it.


Country song camaro

You could stand by your man, or you could sit by him in this Camaro.

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