From the Desk of Tray Smith - January

Man, that year flew by! Yes, I am still talking about 2016, seems like a few days ago it was January of 2016 and now BAM, here we are in 2017. First off I want to thank all of our customers from 2016 that took the time to buy a part or two from us. You helped make our year the best in company history. We know you have a choice in who you buy your restoration parts from and we want to thank you for choosing us.

Well with the thank you over, let’s move on to the New Year. As with most people, I make a New Year’s resolution and then keep it for about a week or two and then it usually just goes away or I forget it. So with this year I am doing something different, I am not making one. I am just going to keep doing what I do because it seemed to work pretty good for me last year. I didn’t die, I still have a great wife and family, and I still have a pretty good business that pays the bills for me and the rest of our employees. The one thing that is different is the fact that this is our 30th year in business. Yes, I said 30 years!

Our business was started as a part time hobby that has just got way out of hand. We have been blessed to grow and become a well-known company that tries to serve its customers with the best parts at the best price that we can offer tied to a fast turnaround time to you the customer and with a knowledgeable staff that will do its best to help you even if you didn’t buy the part from us. Some people may ask why help folks when they didn’t buy from you. My theory on that is if I help you this time and show you that we know what we are talking about, when the guy you bought the part didn’t, then maybe next time you will step up and buy it from H&H . That’s been our way since day 1 in 1987 and it still is 10963 days later. So with that, I say thanks again and we hope to keep hearing from you in 2017.