Tray's Time on "The Hill"

Last month, I had the great honor of going to Washington DC and representing H&H, SEMA, and the restoration and hotrod industry as a whole. This time was very important as I went to express to my Congressman and Senators what issues are important me as a small business man and what is important to our industry. I was very fortunate to have met with all 3 of them face to face in what I would describe as successful and interesting meetings. I was fortunate to have met the Congressman Steve Womack from the Arkansas 3rd district and with Senators Tom Cotton and John Boozman.

Congressman Steve Womack

Senator John Boozman

Senator Tom Cotton

All three of my legislators were very receptive to what I had to say and seemed to care about my issues and what was important to me. We spent time discussing the RPM ACT (if you don’t know what this is please take time to check out a summary here). We also talked about health care and tax reform and about the Low Volume Vehicle Mfg Act and also about E15 Gasoline.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and I would encourage all of you to get involved. You may not believe this, but your opinion does matter to your legislators, and it’s important for us as an industry to get involved and make sure our voice is being heard on these issues.