The 10 Coolest Vintage Camaro Ads of All Time

Chevrolet had a brilliant marketing team when they lifted the curtain on the Camaro in 1967. As a result, the first-and second-generation Camaros got some of the best ads we’ve ever seen. Check ‘em out!

1. Encore

Encore ad

We couldn’t have thought of a more brilliant way for an auto manufacturer to introduce a new model. We’re also impressed by how Chevy managed to effortlessly advertise two different models on one page. The Camaro’s debut couldn’t have been more perfect.

2. Masked Marvel

Marvel camaro ad

Here’s another 1967 ad, introducing the Camaro SS 350. The copy is just as alluring as the title and the pictures, and it succeeded in making us want to go out and buy a ’67 SS 350. Anybody selling one?

3. Dear Competition: You Lose

Competition camaro ad

Oh, the burn! This ad has some merit to it because the 1969 Camaro beat all of the other muscle cars that year when it won the Car and Driver readers’ choice award. Take that, competitors!

4. It’s Like Frosting on the Frosting

Frosting camaro ad

This has to be some of the most brilliant copy we’ve ever seen in an ad. Go ahead and read it. You won’t regret it.

5. How the Captain of the Titanic Felt

Titanic camaro ad

This ad – with its witty title that probably wouldn’t today – just screams “1970” and we love it. The artist clearly put a lot of effort into all the drawings. We’re pretty sure this ad alone put the Camaro's competition on edge.

6. Building a Better Way to See the USA

USA camaro ad

When 1972 rolled around, the Camaro had emerged from the Corvette’s shadow and was celebrated on its own merit. In fact, it was named one of the 10 best cars in the world by Road & Track magazine.

7. You Deserve a Car This Good

Good camaro ad

Chevrolet released the Camaro LT in 1973. They announced the big news by releasing this ad listing why the Camaro LT was so good you just gotta have it. It’s been almost 45 years, and we’re still sold on this car.

8. Looking for People Who Love to Drive

Love drive camaro ad

The bluntness in this ad is quite refreshing. And they’re 100% right: driving shouldn’t be as boring as riding an escalator. It should be fast, fun, and exhilarating. And in 1977, the new Camaro was the best choice for such an exciting driving experience.

9. Reach For the Sky

Sky camaro ad

Here’s another Camaro LT ad, this time from 1978. We love how Chevy managed to convey the message that the ’78 Camaro LT was simply the best option on the market in four words: “Reach for the sky.” Genius.

10. Spread Your Wings

Wings camaro ad

The 1981 Z28 Camaro marked the end of the second generation, and we think Chevy handled it beautifully. Instead of hyping up the third generation’s arrival right around the corner, Chevy released this simple ad that reminded everyone how truly spectacular one of the last second-gen Camaros was.

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