H&H Classic and Motorhead Garage Go Over Tri-Five Disc Brake Conversions

Tray and Herman Smith joined Motorhead Garage hosts Brian Lohnes and John Gardner to share the benefits of replacing your classic Chevy’s stock drum brakes with an H&H Classic disc brake conversion kit. The bolt-on kit H&H kit includes common rotors and calipers that will be easy to replace when necessary. In an effort to improve stopping power, the guys remove the antiquated, single-channel system from a 1957 Bel-Air and takes viewers through the install of H&H Classic’s front disc brake conversion system.

You can check out the segment here:

A valuable feature of this kit is a self-adjusting proportioning valve that equalizes the pressure between the front and rear brakes and allows the installer to feed each front wheel independently. H&H sells this piece individually too.

In 2011, Motorhead Garage started bringing automotive innovators a television audience. This popular automotive program continues to do on three separate networks. Herman and Tray thank Motorhead Garage for the opportunity to share this information with other enthusiasts.