Retro Style Car Radios - Must Have Features

With loads of retro style car radios available on the market, it may be hard to figure out which ones offer the modern features you're looking for.

We’re here to help with that. Below is a list of five of the best modern features in a retro style car radio.

1. USB Input

630 radio

If you have a USB flash drive that allows you to play back MP3 or WMA song files, then you need a USB input. Some retro style car radios like the Custom Auto Sound USA-630 AM/FM radio are built to play music straight from a flash drive plugged into the USB port. Some satellite radio adapters can be plugged into the USB port as well.

2. Amplifier Jacks

Adding amplifiers to your classic Chevy is worth considering. The best way to do it is to install a quality retro style radio with amplifier jacks in the back. Even if you’re on the fence about getting amps, it’s a good idea to have amplifier jacks on the back of your radio anyway in case you decide to improve your car stereo system’s sound quality and output in the future.

3. Auxiliary Audio Input

An auxiliary audio input is another great way to connect to a variety of devices, including a smartphone, a portable MP3 player, and a satellite radio unit. There’s nothing like streaming music in a classic car!

4. Extension Cord

You want to keep your radio looking as authentic as possible without any wires or plugs cluttering up the dash. With an extension cord that comes with the radio, you can move the USB port to the ashtray or the glove box for easy, hidden access.

5. Same Look as the Original Radio

secret audio

A retro style radio that doesn’t resemble the original radio will likely look out of place on your dash. If authenticity is a big deal to you, then it’s important to find a radio that not only is designed to fit model but also bears a striking resemblance to the original radio. You can entertain the option of keeping your original radio and beefing it up with modern amenities with a kit like the Secret Audio System.

Not sure if you even want to get a retro style car radio? Check out the pros and cons here!