5 Great Benefits That Make a Disc Brake Conversion Kit Worth Buying

The decision to convert to disc brakes with a disc brake conversion kit is a big one, but it’s totally worth it. Disc brakes are a huge upgrade from drum brakes for a variety of reasons. The biggest benefits are:


1. Better Stopping Power

Brakes use friction to turn energy into heat to stop a vehicle. (A moving car is source of energy, even when off the gas.) Disc brakes dissipate heat better than drum brakes, so they’re able to stop faster. The brake pads on disc brakes are designed to provide more friction than the shoes or pads in drum brakes. Last, but not least, disc brakes stay drier in wet weather. All of these factors make disc brakes much more powerful than drum brakes in terms of stopping power.

2. More Consistent Performance

Drum brakes take a while to heat up, and they tend to overheat with excessive use. This means that they have less stopping power when they are cold, and fade when they are too hot. Disc brakes heat up (and cool down) quickly, making them much more consistent than drum brakes during the entirety of the trip.

3. Easier, More Infrequent Maintenance

Disc conversion

Unlike with drum brakes, you can inspect disc brakes without removing the wheels. Also, disc brakes self-adjust, so maintenance isn’t required as often.

Not only is maintenance less frequent with disc brakes, but it’s also much easier. Maintaining drum brakes can be a drag. In fact, every mechanic hates doing it. Drum brakes have parts that can be difficult to replace and maintain. All of the moving parts are hidden inside the drum, so it is difficult to know if they are moving freely as they should. Drum brakes retain a lot of brake dust. It's messy, and mechanics have to be careful not to breath the dust. Disc brakes sport a minimal design, making maintenance pretty easy. For example, replacing the brake pads involves taking off the calipers. This task only takes about a half hour.

4. Better Appearance

Along with a more modern design, disc brakes sport a cleaner appearance than drum brakes. The difference is noticeable, especially on a resto mod with a big set of wheels. In some cases, disc brakes can “shine through” the wheels and jazz up the car’s appearance. Painted calipers also give you an opportunity to add a splash of color to your wheels.

5. Better Compatibility With Upgraded Engines

When you upgrade the engine in your classic Chevy (as most people do), you've added a whole lot of power to the vehicle. You want to pair that upgrade with better brakes for safety reasons.

Where to Buy a Disc Brake Conversion Kit


Conv kits

Not all disc brake conversion kits are created equal. You want a kit that's:

  • Vehicle-specific
  • Composed of high-quality replacement parts
  • Designed to serve as a direct replacement without any cutting or welding involved

At H&H Classic Parts, we carry only the best disc brake conversion kits that offer all the features listed above and then some more. All our disc brake conversion kits come with a complete set of hardware and installation instructions. We aim to make the project as easy as possible for you. Here are some of our best sellers: