Running Out Of Patience

On any given day we get five to eight phone calls, or more, from customers wanting to know where their parts are. Now on occasion there is a problem and we handle it. Sometimes packages get miss-sorted and sent to the wrong hub so they have to be re-routed and that does take a couple of extra days. As for the most part, UPS can deliver our parts to the West Coast in five to six business days, and the same to the extreme Northeast or Southern tip of Florida.

Some people would be up in arms about this and say “Why does it take so long?” Well, take a moment and look at just how many packages UPS handles in a day. On average UPS delivers 15.8 million packages per day in the U.S. alone. During the peak holiday season that number swells to 22 million per day. So essentially, UPS delivers one package for every sixteen people that live in the U.S.That is a ton of boxes!

So just try to keep in mind that it does take a few days to move that many boxes around the U.S.We do our best to get your parts out ASAP from the time your order them. We do our best to package them in a way that they arrive safe and sound and ready for you to install them on your car or truck. Unfortunately sometimes, I would say less then 5 times a year, one of our packages gets damaged. So if this does happen to your parts, please take a moment and remember we didn’t tear them up, but we are going to do everything in our power to get you taken care of as fast as we can.

This is just some thoughts that I wanted to share with you, not a gripe about any one person. Just some things I felt needed to be said about delivery.