When Is Enough, Enough?

A strange question I know, but for a car guy this is a question we get asked, and sometimes ask ourselves, during and after a project.  I know my wife asks me this every time I build a car.  But it is a valid point.  When do you draw the line? When do you know you've stepped over it? Or have you just blatantly jumped to the other side?  The biggest problem I see with customers and their failed projects is over spending, or, spending at the wrong time.  I know you get that car and you want to rush out and buy all the pretty stuff because that’s what you see and that’s what makes it look good.  Then you go on and the next thing you know you’re out of money.  So the biggest thing you can do to help yourself is to set a budget.  How much money do you want, or better yet, can you afford to spend on your car or truck?

So lets begin.  You've bought the car and you set down and decide all of the things you want to do to it. Well, is the car a project or a basket case?  Is it a running driving machine?  Well, if it’s the first then you are in for the long hall, unless you have buckets of money, which must of us do not.  This project may take years or even decades to complete. So start planning and decide what needs to be done first.  Or should I say, what you expect needs to be done first.  You do not need to buy anything chrome at this point.  With that being said, if you do happen to find something that is a an extremely good deal, then buy it.  But start out with metal.  That’s the biggest thing you are going to need at this point. You will need to buy floor pans, quarter panels, bed sides, etc. You are also going to need frame parts, not parts for the engine or transmission, but frame parts.  Ball joints, tie rods, bushings, rear-ends, etc.  Concentrate on what you need first, not what you need at the end.

Plus Fathers Day, Christmas, and birthdays make a great time to ask for car parts.  That’s what we as car guys need for our project.  Car parts, not sweaters! So keep in mind, you have to use some self control when building your project. Budget yourself and make smart decisions on what you need first, not what you will need when the car is ready to drive.