Barrett-Jackson’s Coolest Chevys

Public interest in classic car auctions is on the rise, or at least it seems that way to us. Perhaps it's the fact that a lot of auctions are shown on Cable TV, or perhaps it's the increase in reality shows featuring classic cars, but it really doesn't matter. The fact is, we love classic cars (classic Chevys, really), and we couldn't be happier about all of this interest.

The Barrett-Jackson show in Scottsdale, Arizona is arguably the most well-known classic car auction in the world. The 2014 show has drawn some record setting bids (more on those later) and swarms of collector car enthusiasts. Here at H&H, we looked over the auction listings and picked out 10 Chevrolets we really really liked. These are some of the coolest Chevy's you'll see, and we feel that they represent the brand quite nicely.

Here's a list of those cars (click each vehicle's name to view the auction listing on the Barrett-Jackson website), as well as the video above that offers a photo and brief description.

Please stay tuned as we are getting ready to follow up with the results of the Arizona Barrett-Jackson auction and we'll bring you the ten most expensive Chevrolet’s sold at this event.