There’s A Lot To Be Learned From Barrett-Jackson’s Auctions If You’re A Collector

The first Barrett-Jackson auction of 2014 came to an end in January and we've been working actively to analyze the results of the event. We know many of you have interest in these events, and have probably entertained the idea of getting into this area of the industry at one point or another -- whether you are serious or just think it would be a nice hobby.

So what matters? Outside of something just being considered “rare” because of a limited production or availability, a car's value at auctions goes pretty deep. That's why we took the time to examine factors like color and age to see if there's a connection between specific characteristics and the final auction sale price. What we found is there actually is a connection to these things when it comes to value, and the results might surprise you. Check out the inforgraphic that follows to see what we discovered.

Barrett-Jackson 2014 Auction Results Analyzed - an Infographic

If you are trying to find a car that might make you some money one day, take these factors into consideration. There're a lot of reasons you can speculate about and explain why a car sold at a higher value if it was black or made during the 50s, but the exact motivation behind bidders is hard nail down. The best way to apply this information to real life investments is to look for patterns and try to find the best combination of factors for the biggest sale price on down the road.