10 Awesome Bel Air Gassers To Get You Through The Day

A gasser is an iconic and specific type of hot rod born in the late 50s. This modification trend continued through the late 70s. A gasser is a production model that has been jacked up using a beam axle for better weight distribution. They’re then stripped and modified for weight reduction. And just like that, a gasser is born! Here are 10 of the coolest Bel Air gassers to make your day.

Bel Air gasser 1

This 1955 Bel Air gasser is an elegant monster.

Bel Air gasser 2

This gasser could easily double as a showcase with the paint and high shine details.

Bel Air gasser 3

With a name like Diablo en Asfalto (Devil on Asphalt), you’d better clear the way for this beast!

Bel Air gasser 4

Don’t let the happy headlights fool you! This car is not going to be your friend when it comes time to race.

Bel Air gasser 5

This gasser is stunning with the custom flame paint job.

Bel Air gasser 6

Powered by a 396ci engine, this Bel Air gasser is dubbed the “Hemi Killer.”

Bel Air gasser 7

This ’55 is has a righteous stance.

Bel Air gasser 8

Powered by a Hemi, this ’55 should duke it out with the “Hemi Killer.”

Bel Air gasser 9

Like this gasser says, it’s showtime!

Bel Air gasser 10

This ’55 is almost too nice to race. Almost.

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