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Classic Chevy & GMC Parts Online Catalog

Classic Chevy & GMC Parts

Welcome to our Classic Chevy & GMC Parts Online Catalog! We provide parts for 1955-1987 Chevys & GMCs. Our goal is to make shopping for your classic Chevy & GMC parts easy and enjoyable. To do this, we have several ways you can shop for, and purchase your classic Chevy & GMC parts. At any time if you have a question please feel free to submit an inquiry or call our store at 479-787-5575.

Our classic Chevy & GMC parts catalog offers you the simple option of searching for your desired part in the search bar. The number of results you will get is based off how specific your search is. For example, if you search "Chevy heater", you will get every type of Chevy heaters we have to offer. But, if you search "1981 Chevy heater", you will only get heaters that can be used on a 1981 Chevy. The more specific your search for your classic Chevy & GMC parts is, the more refined your search results will be.


Our classic Chevy & GMC parts online catalog offers another easy way to shop for your interior parts. By selecting one of our many helpful categories, you will be taken to a new screen with more categories relating to the one you previously chose. As you continue to choose categories, they will become smaller and more specific to the part you are shopping for. For example, if you are looking for a dual radio speaker for your 1955 Chevy, you simply select the "Audio & Radio Parts" category. From there you select the “Speakers" sub-category, which will take you to all of the speaker options we offer. Once you're there, simply find the exact model you're looking for and repeat the process for any other classic Chevy & GMC parts you are looking for to complete your project.


If you prefer to search for your classic Chevy truck parts using a physical catalog, please see the catalog section of our website (top right tab) and order yours today. In addition, we have made this same Chevy & GMC catalog available online for fast easy viewing. Click here to see the online version of our Chevy & GMC parts catalog.


At H&H Classic Parts, our mission is to provide you with the easiest and most efficient way to get the classic Chevy & GMC parts you need. We know how important our customers are, and it is our goal to make sure you, our customer, knows how much we value you and your business. We understand that when you need truck restoration parts, you don't want to have to jump through hoops to get them; that's why we are always diligently working to make your purchasing experience with us better. We strive for excellence daily, because we know you deserve the highest quality and we will stop at nothing to ensure it for you. Our goal is to always put you, and your needs first.


Our Classic Chevy & GMC Parts Online Catalog structure is designed to give you several easy ways to search and shop for everything you need. We hope you found the classic Chevy & GMC parts you were looking for with us today and as always, we encourage you to submit an inquiry or call our store, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm central standard time, at 479-787-5575. We want to help if you have further questions or would like help picking the correct part.


GMC started in 1902, when Max Grabowski started Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. Rapid trucks were some of the earliest commercial trucks ever manufactured. Max and his brother Morris Grabowski, who was a businessman, initially built a single cylinder engine delivery car. This was a failure, but in 1902 they built a 15 horsepower engine with two cylinders. Unlike their previous car, this one was a success and they redid their company under the name “Rapid Motor Vehicle Company”. This company produced 75 vehicles that were sold over the span of a few years. Rapid Motor Vehicle Company was incorporated in 1904.By 1908, William C. Durant, the founder of the General Motor Company, had bought up many of Rapid’s shares.


1909 came and General Motor Company (GM) bought the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and the Reliance Motor Company. Two years later, General Motor Company decided to merge both Reliance and Rapid in order to form the General Motors Truck Company. In 1912, New York’s Auto Show used the name ‘GMC Truck’ in 1912, and that was the first time the name was ever used. 1913 was a big year for General Motors Company. It was in this year the Rapid and Reliance trucks officially came to the GMC truck line, and it was the same year General Motors Company came out with their first mass produced truck. 22,000 of these trucks were sold that year. 


General Motors Company decided to rename their business as General Motors Corporation in 1916. Partnering with the Chevrolet brothers, Durant had also started the Chevrolet auto company. Chevrolet auto company and Delco products joined General Motor Corporation in 1918. One year later, General Motors Corporation was joined by Fisher Body Company and Frigidaire. Then in 1996, ‘GMC Truck’ and the vehicles produced by the GMC Division of General Motors LLC were known as GMC, when the suffix ‘Truck’ was dropped from the name. 


Since then, GM has grown to be one of the largest and most well known automakers in the world. Most of GM’s sales come from North America and the Middle East. In 2018, General Motors sold over 8.4 million cars, making them one of the top car brands of the year. In the past few years, classic Chevy truck parts have outsold GMC truck parts, which is another reason why Chevrolet is actually General Motors’s biggest brand. They have had a number of extraordinary vehicles/styles that have been groundbreaking for the automobile industry.


The Chevrolet pickup underwent a drastic change in 1955. Previously, all engines had been powered by six-cylinder engines, but now they were powered by a V-8 engine. Aside from the engine, the pickup truck also got a different new outside look. This new look was intended to look more like a “gentleman’s pickup”, rather than something you would find on a farm or a factory yard, Chevrolet said. 


In 1973, Chevy came out with a new style of body for their trucks. This style was deemed the square body truck. This was one of the longest-running generations of pickup trucks that Chevy has produced. This style of pickup truck ran from 1973 to 1987, and are less rare than some of the other models, due to their lengthy manufacturing period. Mary T. Barra, the CEO of General Motors Corporation just recently announced that Chevy will be making a limited run of the square body truck. This excited many avid car lovers who had been hoping for a return of the style. Not only is Barra herself making history as the first CEO of an automobile company, she is also making history for being the first CEO to ever bring back the square body style. The newest model of Chevy trucks also include some features of the square body truck, including the grille back.

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